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2500 Broadway

Lubbock, TX 79401

Holden Hall Rotunda, Texas Tech University. Akron Avenue and Broadway, located on the northeast corner of Memorial Circle on the Texas Tech campus. The theme of the South Plains Mural is biographical, it depicts 16 Lubbock pioneers from all walks of life. Each panel is 7 feet wide and 12 feet high. Peter Hurd began painted the true fresco in February 1953 when the building housed the university’s museum. It was his seventh mural and the largest painting project he undertook during his career.


There are two other works of art by Hurd family members on display on the Texas Tech campus: Rising Hills, an oil on canvas painting by Michael Hurd is in the Visitor Center located in West Hall. If Walls Could Talk, the 40’x17’ mural done in India ink is located in the main entrance of the Texas Tech Museum. It was painted by Peter Rogers, Peter Hurd’s son-in-law. His wife is Ann Carol Hurd Rogers.


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