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Peter Hurd: Along the Trail is a project of the Artesia Arts and Cultural District. Its purpose is to develop a coordinated arts-based tourism plan centered on his artwork. Peter Hurd: Along the Trail is where...


   •     A beloved artist’s work is honored and promoted.

   •     Visitors can discover the vast array of Peter Hurd’s

          art in diverse venues, such as galleries, museums,

          libraries, and other public buildings.

   •     The inclusive visitor experience in these diverse

          places boosts local economies.

   •     Stronger bonds are formed between participating


   •     Local knowledge and folklore invites a sense of 

          connection to the past and present in community


We are happy to bring you a fun, educational, and interactive approach to enjoying one of the most premier and celebrated artists from our area. Our goal is to enhance your experience with the deep traditions a rich culture that Peter Hurd was able to capture in his artwork.

Use our trail map by clicking on it below and find wonderful locations in New Mexico and Texas to view his art.

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